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The Introvert's Guide to ... Still waters run deep....a place for quiet musing on the quiet life...and the not-so-quiet world of professional work...shhhhh


Tips for Early Career Professionals

Check out my article published recently in The New Accountant journal, Career Success for the Quiet New Accountant (with accountant colleagues, Professors Jeff Shields and George Violette) for some great practical tips for anyone early in your career.

Miscellaneous on Introversion and Related Topics

LonerWolf | We Connect The Disconnected This is a fun site with lots of interesting avenues to explore.

Article: Caring for your Introvert

Don't Be Shy Blog

Wiki on Introverts

Career Change for Physicians

third_Evolution - Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

Psychologist Carl Jung is credited with the first identification of the personality dimensions that include introversion and extraversion with the publication of his book, Psychological Types in 1921.

Jung believed that we function on a continuum of intro/extraversion and that we adapt best when we can move back and forth. Any place on the continuum is healthy. But he also recognized that we have innate preferences. He believed that awareness of the continuum could improve our ability to move on it.

Over half of communication is visual, more than a third is vocal, while less than ten percent is verbal -- the words we actually say!  This means that our body language, easily seen, is critical.

Personality Assessment

(I can't speak for the validity of all of these as accurate measures so use your judgment.)

Human Metrics

Know Your Type: Introversion

The Introvert's Guide to Professional Success

How to Let Your Quiet Competence Be Your Career Advantage - A Program to Leverage Your Strengths

This professional development book was published in late 2011 just before the explosion of interest in introversion in popular culture in 2012. It offers practical, credible, and evidence-based strategies for professionals and managers who are introverts.

Two self-paced workbooks - The Introverted Professional's Field Guide to Leveraging Quiet Competence, Volumes 1 and 2 - are now available to help you put into practice the tools outlined in this valuable guide.

Click the cover for more information


There are five fundamental dimensions to personality. The fact that extraversion is one of these demonstrates how central the traits of introversion/extraversion are to our make-up. Extraversion is viewed as the degree to which one is outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive. By implication, introverts are more retiring, quieter, less sociable, and less assertive.

The other four of the "Big 5" are the degree to which someone is agreeable, conscientious, emotionally stable, and open to experience.  So, while important, introversion is still just part of who we are.

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